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'The Remarkable Friendship of Molly and Munch' - Presented by Takeover Twiins Theatre

<B>'The Remarkable Friendship of Molly and Munch'</B>

Date: Sunday 11th August 2019
Time: 18:00

Takeover Twiins Theatre

 'The Remarkable Friendship of Molly and Munch'

Let me introduce to you a young girl called Molly Watts
Molly is 8 years old. She's small, sweet and possesses a smile that can light up any room. With fiery red hair, impeccable manners and a heart bigger than the average star she will leave a remarkable impression upon you. However, Molly isn’t like any other child, she’s gifted and unique in a particular way. Some would describe it as advanced intelligence though, I would say that’s an understatement.

From a young age, Molly has always highlighted that she isn’t what you might define as “average”. Due to this she hasn’t had the easiest time at school, she was simply mocked and teased for being…. different. She didn’t have any friends, she wasn’t invited to any sleepovers or birthday parties. She spent most of her time alone, reading books and getting lost within her own imagination. Her teacher, Miss Felicity Jackson saw Molly’s potential the minute they met and encouraged her parents to enrol her at ‘The Parkes Academy’, a school for gifted children and so, her parents did exactly that.

​Molly was accepted into the academy with expectations of greatness though, she still didn’t have any friends and she still spent her free time with her head in a book.

​Her parents John and Shirley, saw that deep-down Molly wasn’t happy, there was something missing. So, they decided to buy her a present that would hopefully alter this. However, I still to this day don’t believe they really knew how this gift could make such a BIG difference and what was going to happen next.

John and Shirley sat Molly down and congratulated her on everything she was achieving, they then handed over a perfectly wrapped gift. Without a second to lose the wrapping paper was on the floor and a beautiful smile appeared on Molly’s face. She embraced in her arms a small, cuddly dinosaur who was named, Munch.

Now I hope you don’t mind but, I’m going to fast forward the story ever so slightly.
Munch and Molly, Molly and Munch, best friends in every way possible, trips to the Zoo and Science Park, midnight snacks and soapy baths but, when it came down to it.
Munch was just a stuffed toy.   ​But, not for long….

​One night, in the safety of her 'secret laboratory’, of which its location I cannot disclose, Molly used an array of equipment and the knowledge gained from every book she had ever read to try and bring life to her best friend.

The exact formula created that night is beyond me but, I can confirm that by sunrise, Molly was gazing into the eyes of a giant dinosaur whose existence is down to her, Molly had discovered what, or I should say who, was missing. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I introduce to you the remarkable friendship of Molly and Munch, let the adventures begin.

A production full of adventure, storytelling, original music, audience participation and a giant talking dinosaur!

Post show photo opportunities for advance ticket holders only.

Show time : 40 Minutes - plus Meet & Greet
Approximate End time : 3.00pm or 7.00pm
Audience : Families, children aged 3+

This production contains storytelling, original music, audience participation, imagination and so much more. It’s bound to entertain everyone, including those grumpy grownups.

NB This Show has moments that include Strobe lighting

Tickets in advance :   
Adults : £8.00
Under16s  £10.00

(3 years to 15 years)

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