Refund Policy


Please note that all tickets sold via the Cornish Riviera Box Office are on the basis of the tickets being non-refundable.

In certain circumstances, the promoters, organisers or venues for which we are providing a box office service may agree to a refund for you. Your circumstances and request for a refund should be made in the first instance to us at CRBO so that we can contact the event organiser to explain your reason for refund request. It is the event organisers who will make a final decision on your refund request.

Depending upon the circumstances, if a refund is given, CRBO may deduct an administration fee to cover the payment card and other expenses incurred.



If you've ordered the wrong date for a show with lots of dates, we'll do our best to help you transfer to the correct date & time.

And don't suffer from seat envy. If you see seats you prefer that are the same price or higher for your event, call us to exchange the ones you have and just pay the difference.

Bear in mind that we're not always able to exchange tickets for events that are less than 7 days away.